Royal Health Care is a growing company dedicated to innovation and teamwork. Our customers value the superior service, reliability, and commitment to excellence that Royal's professionals demonstrate daily. At Royal we value our professionals: providing comprehensive benefits, exciting challenges, and the opportunity for growth.


What sets us apart from other employers? We believe it's the strategy and resources we created and implemented to challenge, develop, and reward our employees. At Royal we want our employees to succeed, because employee success fuels company success. It's that simple.


All necessary employee development resources such as training, coaching and mentoring, are provided. Expectations are clearly defined. Performance is quantitatively measured. Challenges are identified; achievements are rewarded.


Life at Royal

Are you ready to join a team who pursues their work with passion and professionalism? Look no further.


At Royal, we've spent over 10 years perfecting the technology and business processes that allow businesses to efficiently and effectively grow. Today, working from that experience and with the help of our customers and partners, Royal is developing and delivering multiple solutions that allow companies to execute both short and long term objectives.


At heart, we are a management services organization. Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are core values at Royal. Our team pursues their work with a passion for excellence and profound appreciation for the customer. And we practice what we preach. We leverage our own technology with a philosophy that focuses on both hiring well and creating opportunities for people to grow and achieve.


You can be a part of this team! Click here to take a look at what one of our employees has to say about working at Royal.


Royal offers competitive salaries and an impressive array of benefits: including health, dental assistance, life insurance, and a 401k plan for eligible employees.

If you are interested in joining our team, please click here to review available positions at our various locations. Resumes can be e-mailed to or faxed to 212-883-0332.